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Future Directions: Supporting Patient Needs

We're pleased to announce the appointment of two Clinic Nurse Specialists to help lead the future direction of our Central Coast Clinic.

Central Coast Clinic is pleased to announce the appointment of two Clinical Nurse Specialists to enhance and support the future of the Central Coast Clinic and our patients.

The Clinical Nurse Specialists are valuable and experienced members of the Brisbane Waters Private Hospital family and we look forward to having their interest and expertise to continue to grow quality and nurturing mental health and drug and alcohol care for our community.

Each Clinical Nurse Specialist will have a focus on each of our treatments, specialising in Mood and Addictions to enable us to continue to support our patients, provide quality care and advocacy, as well as continuing to support and mentor our team.

We look forward to ongoing growth and strengthening of our mental health and drug and alcohol services.

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Patrice Blume

Clinical Nurse Specialist: Mood

Patrice has extensive experience in management, planning, medical, quality and safety within the healthcare sector. Patrice has taken active roles in leading the team over the years, working collaboratively with all staff, with a focus on mentoring, guiding and educating staff. She is passionate about her role in working within a team and with our patients to ensure they receive quality care. We look forward to the extensive knowledge and experience Patrice will continue to deliver.

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Rachel Henderson

Clinical Nurse Specialist: Mood

Rachel has worked in the Central Coast Clinic since 2010 leading the team in a variety of senior positions. Rachel has extensive experience with patients experiencing Mood Disorders both inpatient and outpatient, including supporting and mentoring students and new graduates. Rachel has co-ordinated various programs, and is passionate about developing further outpatient services. Rachel’s knowledge and energy is an asset to the team.